Nabil Maida:

Nabil Maida brings you the healthiest option as an extensively purchased grocery item for baking and cooking. Nabil Maida is available in 1kg, 2kg, 10kg, 20kg & 37kg retail & bulk packs.


About Nabil Maida:

  • The finest flour is produced from Canadian wheat using the best automatic European technology.
  • Extracted from the finest and selected grains and produced from the country’s largest mill.
  • Processed through several automatic cleaning stages to get rid of any contamination present.
  • Nabil Maida is highly recommended for making the base for almost every mouthwatering item like Pizza, Burger, Donuts, Bread, Samosas, Noodles, Momos, Pasta, etc.
  • With added vitamins and minerals, Nabil Maida is the ultimate healthy choice for all groups of individuals.