Nabil Suji

Nabil Suji ensures the retaining of vitamins, proteins, and fiber. The advanced techniques used in the production of Nabil Suji. The whole grinding and packaging process of Nabil Suji is automated to guarantee good hygiene and retain its natural texture. Nabil Suji is available in 1kg & 2kg retail packs.

About Nabil Suji:

  • It has been extracted from the quality wheat milling process.
  • Due to the presence of high potassium, Vitamin B & E, Nabil Suji is beneficial for healthy organ functions.
  • Nabil Suji is highly acclaimed for baking and preparing sweet and savory items like porridge, upma, halwa, inflation, barfi, etc.
  • The nutrients available in every pack are ideal for both weight loss and diabetes.